Just as one needs to build a solid foundation and strong pillars when building a house so that it might stand the test of time, so too does a company need a solid foundation of purpose and strong principles. From the outset, Berinda has laid the foundation of building “Homes for life.”


A home is more than just a house. It is a place where people want to grow old, where memories have been, are being and hopefully will be made. And not just in the confines of the four walls but beyond that into the yards and lives of neighbors, the owners of the little shop around the corner, the hawker stalls in the main road, the men and woman who teach your children and the doctors, policemen and other people who make this world a safer and more interesting place to live in.


To make this dream of community living a reality, Berinda, which is a Bahasa Melayu word for family or togetherness and unity, have driven four pillars into the planning of all their projects; experience, quality, trust and community.


To begin with, Berinda has been in position of being able to glean vital information and expertise from their holding company, the Kuok Group. This synergy has ensured that Berinda have always develops homes using the latest technologies and advancements in the property industry.


Quality is of the utmost importance in any Berinda project and no expense is spared in using the best materials and workmanship available and making sure that no corners are cut during the building process.


Adhering to these first two principals has ensured that the third pillar, trust, is met by default. When you purchase a Berinda Property, you can be sure of the fact that you are buying a house that will last a lifetime.


The fourth pillar is community and that incorporates all those things that happen around your Berinda home. From the excellent roads to the lush parks where your kids can play, to the schools, offices, fine golf courses and shopping malls built to make your life more convenient and pleasurable.